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The Information Centers at the Madison Institute of Medicine®

As the most comprehensive source of information in the world on lithium, alternative treatments for bipolar disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorders, the Madison Institute of Medicine's Information Centers specialize in providing information and services on these topics. The Centers assist health care professionals, patients, family members, and others by locating literature and answering questions related to specific needs. Experienced librarians will assist you by searching the comprehensive database to locate the materials appropriate for you.

Who uses the information centers?

How can the centers help you?

How much will it cost?

Who will answer your questions?

How can you contact the Information Centers?

Who Uses the Information Centers?
Anyone is welcome to contact the Information Centers. Physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, psychologists, researchers, attorneys, patients, and family members are some of the Centers' users. The Centers' staff answer approximately 5,000 information requests each year.

How Can the Centers Help You?
Comprehensive collections of literature on specific mental health topics are often difficult to find in local libraries and bookstores. The Information Centers draw from their large databases of references to efficiently provide computer-printed bibliographies and single photocopies of articles to meet your needs.

Quick reference questions can be answered over the phone. In addition, referrals to specialists and support groups are available, as well as patient information booklets on topics related to many psychiatric disorders and their treatments.

How Much Will It Cost?
As part of a non-profit organization, the Information Centers depend on nominal user fees and contributions for support. A minimum fee of $10 is charged for each computer search, with most searches costing between $10 and $20. There is no charge for quick reference questions answered by phone. Single copies of articles (subject to copyright law) are available for 25 cents per page, plus postage. Patient information booklets are sold individually - you can order booklets.

Who Will Answer Your Questions?
An experienced, professional staff is available to answer questions, conduct literature searches, and fill book orders. The staff includes two full-time master's level medical librarians who have more than 40 years of combined experience in the Information Centers.

How Can You Contact the Information Centers?
You can contact us with questions or order booklets at: