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Depression & Antidepressants: A Guide
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James W. Jefferson, MD, John H. Greist, MD and Dilek Tunali, MD

Depression & Antidepressants: A Guide

What is depression? How is depression treated?

Depression is a serious illness affecting at least 10% of the adult population. Fortunately, today, there is a wide range of medications available to treat depression, and most patients can be helped tremendously by treatment.

Depression and Antidepressants: A Guide explains what depression is, how the various types of depression are diagnosed, and what the causes of depression might be. Separate chapters are devoted to the types of antidepressants available today. Updated in August,, all antidepressants currently available in the U.S. are included in the latest edition.

Written in layman�s terms, this booklet is an important resource for anyone with depression or anyone close to someone who suffers from this condition. Authors, Dr. James Jefferson and Dr. John Greist, are well known for their expertise on the topic of depression and have been contributing to the literature on this subject for more then 30 years. Their well-known book, Depression and Its Treatment (American Psychiatric Press and Warner Book, c.) has been an important resource for patients for more than 20 years and is one of the books commonly recommended to patients by their doctors. Depression and Antidepressants: A Guide complements this older publication with the newest, up-to-date information on depression and its treatment.