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Trichotillomania: A Guide
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Jeffrey L. Anders, MD and James W. Jefferson, MD

Trichotillomania: A Guide

Compulsive hair pulling, referred to as "trichotillomania," is a disorder that affects 1 to 2% of the population. It is a condition that often begins in adolescence and continues into adulthood, but it can begin in early childhood or later than adolescence, as well. Trichotillomania: A Guide defines this disorder and provides information about the possible causes and effective treatments. The main behavioral treatment for trichotillomania known as "habit reversal" is described by the authors, and information about how to find a therapist trained in this technique is included. Medications are covered in a separate chapter. Updated in, this publication covers the most recent information known about trichotillomania and how it can be treated.

Trichotillomania Information Packet

A packet of recent articles from medical journals and newsletters is available. The cost is $10 plus postage.

Obsessive Compulsive Information Center

In addition to information on obsessive compulsive disorder, the Center collects information on related disorders, including trichotillomania. Currently the Center has over 1,550 references on trichotillomania and an information specialist can answer specific questions on this topic.