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John H. Greist, MD and James W. Jefferson, MD

Panic Disorder & Agoraphobia: A Guide

Panic disorder can be a very debilitating disorder because individuals experiencing panic attacks often feel like they are having a heart attack, that they may not be able to breathe, or that they may be having some other kind of serious health problem such as a stroke or seizure. Fear of further attacks can cause some patients to become housebound or afraid to confront certain situations.

Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia: A Guide is an important publication for anyone seeking information about panic attacks leading to panic disorder and the relationship to agoraphobic behaviors.

Written by Drs. John Greist and James Jefferson, experts on the treatment of various anxiety disorders, this 69 page booklet provides a lengthy description of panic disorder and agoraphobia, so the reader is given a clear understanding of what these conditions are and what the various causes might be. The current treatments of panic disorder and agoraphobia are discussed, with information about medication treatment, cognitive-behavior therapy and the combination of both forms of treatment. A self-help section for cognitive-behavior therapy is also included.

Commonly asked questions are addressed, including information about whether or not panic attacks can damage a patients health, how panic disorder can affect family relationships, and how families can help the patient with panic disorder and agoraphobia.

Written with the patient in mind, this booklet can also be of tremendous use to medical professionals involved in treatment and to families and friends interested in helping the patient who suffers from panic attacks and/or agoraphobia.