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You are at Literature Packets from the Obsessive Compulsive Information Center (continued)

Tourette's Syndrome & OCD
Obsessive-compulsive symptoms such as repetitive behaviors in individuals with Tourette Syndrome or other tic disorders.

Trichotillomania in Adults
Compulsive hair pulling in adults and recommended treatments.

Trichotillomania in Children and Adolescents
Compulsive hair pulling in children and adolescents and recommended treatments in these age groups.

Causes & Genetics of OCD
Causes, in particular neurobiological evidence of abnormal metabolism in specific areas of the brain, and genetics or hereditary aspects of OCD.

Streptococcal Infections
Association of strep infections with the onset of OCD in some individuals (referred to as PANDAS or Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections).

Brain surgery and related procedures such as deep brain stimulation for severe, treatment resistant OCD.

Development or worsening of OCD during pregnancy or the postpartum period, and management of OCD during pregnancy.

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